Professional / Whacky Development... amongst other things.

Who am I?

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Andrew Camilleri

I am a developer based in Malta, Europe and am currently employed at Thynk Software as a Software Engineer.

I specialize in web technologies and the .NET Framework, constantly working on various software projects throughout my career, both Web and Desktop and sometimes, both combined!


  • Cross Platform Software

    I can develop a codebase for your software needs that runs on multiple platforms with minimal changes. Platforms supported but not limited to are:

    • Web
    • Android
    • IOS
    • Windows( Desktop)
    • Mac
    • Linux

  • Web API Wrappers

    I can add a REST layer to your website or application so that you may offer your own data for others to consume( for free or commercial use)

  • Websites

    I can deliver a variety of websites such as:

    • Simple one page sites
    • Wordpress-backed websites
    • Custom ASP.NET MVC websites
    • Integration with your own system